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At BTPS Testing we believe that an outstanding teacher makes for an outstanding class. Our test preparation programs can help you build upon your strengths, minimize your weaknesses and make you feel more comfortable with what you will be facing. All classes are taught by specialists who are fully credentialed with advanced degrees and have many years of teaching experience. Each class is a carefully planned, researched, tested and evaluated learning experience. Our goal is to give you the necessary insight and strategies that you will need to get your best possible score.

Program Features:

  • Affordable fees – ranging from $290 to $490
  • Students may repeat the class free-of-charge as often as they wish
  • All materials are included in the class fee
  • Classes are kept up-to-date by test preparation authorities
  • Classes are taught to the latest forms of the exams
  • All programs are located on university campuses
  • All instructors are fully credentialed with advanced degrees
  • Many classes are taught by authors of best-selling national test preparation books

We offer the following Prep Sessions:


What are the differences between the GRE General Test and the GMAT?

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What’s New on the 2014 Revised CSET: Multiple Subjects Exam?

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GRE® General Test STRATEGIES: Should I answer the easy questions first?

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Should I take a diagnostic test before preparing for the GRE?

Yes. An assessment of your current skills is integral to the process of developing a study plan that is unique to your individual abilities. Research shows that students who are successful in their educational endeavors ... Read More

Integrated Reasoning Sample Questions

Question Type 1: Multi-Source Reasoning Question Setup:  Multi-source reasoning questions test your ability to interpret two or three sources of information and respond by answering four questions. Sources appear labeled with tabs as (1) one passage, ... Read More